Jeffrey Deitch Rumored to Open New Basement Space in Chelsea Hotel.

We hear that Jeffrey Deitch is opening a space in the basement of the Chelsea Hotel, per an artist who claims to have had work considered for an upcoming show. The landmark residence is famous—or infamous—for its association with the downtown New York art scene. Bob Dylan, Patti Smith, Robert Mapplethorpe, and

From Hollywood to the Art World, the New Celebrity Collectors

We don’t have to tell you that art collecting is an expensive hobby. Who has the cash to drop $1 million or more on a single work because of a whim (or perhaps because another collector threatens to snap it up if you don’t)? Well, celebrities, that’s who. So we’ve

James Franco packs MOCA for lecture and book-signing

James Franco is as meta as it gets, the ultimate in creative cross-pollination. He’s an actor-turned-artist-turned-author-turned-actor-playing-an-artist-named-Franco in the soap opera “General Hospital." His new self-referential filmic offshoot, “Francophrenia” documents that experience. He’s also been cast in the upcoming Seth Rogen movie, in which he plays -- who else -- the actor-artist-author James