Whitney Gets Grant for Downtown Installation

The New York museum has been awarded a $1.5 million grant from the Henry Luce Foundation to support the installation of its permanent collection in its new Meatpacking District location, which is projected to open in 2015.

Censorship claims after scourge of Hirst is denied entry to the Tate

Days after The Independent published his stark condemnation of Damien Hirst as a "con artist" whose art is "worthless" financially and artistically, Julian Spalding was yesterday barred from entry to the Tate's Hirst exhibition.Spalding, who was director of the Sheffield, Manchester and Glasgow galleries, had turned up at Tate Britain

Banksy: primed and all set for take-off

After a few years in the wilderness, the elusive graffiti artist Banksy was back on form last week with two highly successful auction sales. At Christie’s, a metal panel from the exterior of a sound-system lorry which Banksy had spray-painted with military helicopter images for the 1998 Glastonbury festival, trebled

James Franco packs MOCA for lecture and book-signing

James Franco is as meta as it gets, the ultimate in creative cross-pollination. He’s an actor-turned-artist-turned-author-turned-actor-playing-an-artist-named-Franco in the soap opera “General Hospital." His new self-referential filmic offshoot, “Francophrenia” documents that experience. He’s also been cast in the upcoming Seth Rogen movie, in which he plays -- who else -- the actor-artist-author James

Kraftwerk Takes Fans on a Retro-Futuristic Ride Down a Virtual Autobahn at MoMA

Considered by many to be the godfathers of electronic music for their ’70s synth rhythms and melodies, German electro-pop outfit Kraftwerk still makes an impact more than 30 years later. “We’re charging our battery,” sang Ralf Hütter last night at the Museum of Modern Artduring the show’s first song, “The

Shepard Fairey to Back '1984' Film Remake

Shepard Fairey, the street artist perhaps best known for creating the Barack Obama 'Hope' poster, was instrumental in bringing the project to Imagine and LBI Entertainment and might take a producer role.