20 Most-Anticipated Art Exhibits in 2014

It seems art has gone Hollywood these days, with record-breaking prices and long gallery lines. But a series of shows in 2014 is set to shake us out of our consumerist complacency. We witness the insane prices that billionaires pay for art, and imagine it decorating their yachts. We stand in line to see exhibitions of the usual suspectsÃf¢e"Impressionists, girls with pearl earrings, high-end fashion designersÃf¢e"and feel as though weÃf¢e(TM)re in line for a Hollywood blockbuster. These days, itÃf¢e(TM)s easy to imagine that art has joined the world of the superficial and consumable. All the old claims that art is good for the soul, and for society, can seem either overblown or out of date. So itÃf¢e(TM)s a pleasant surprise to find that, in the huge roster of shows coming to art museums in 2014, a good number number seem likely to wake us up to the state of our world today and to the problems weÃf¢e(TM)re facing. Here are 20 exhibitions that look set to shake us out of our consumerist complacency. To read the full article by Blake Gopnik on the DailyBeast.com click here.

Jeff Koons on His Whitney Retrospective, the High Line Train, and Emptiness

Whether it’s the mission to bring his $25 million dollar “Train” to the High Line or calling his own artwork “empty,” artist Jeff Koons never ceases to be an art-world enigma. His appropriated sculptures, from “Michael Jackson and Bubbles” porcelain pieces to the enormous “Balloon Flower (Magenta),” incite both staunch criticism and astronomical auction records. The

Whitney Museum Plans Jeff Koons Retrospective

The Whitney Museum of American Art has no intention of leaving quietly. Before heading to its new, considerably larger home in the meatpacking district of Manhattan in 2015, its final exhibition will be as much a first as it is a last. The museum is planning to present aJeff Koons retrospective

Whitney Gets Grant for Downtown Installation

The New York museum has been awarded a $1.5 million grant from the Henry Luce Foundation to support the installation of its permanent collection in its new Meatpacking District location, which is projected to open in 2015.

A Biennial Scorecard: Culling the Highlights of the Whitney's Signature Survey

What’s that smell in the air that’s been wafting as of late? Is it the onset of spring? Nope, it’s the Whitney Biennial! Once again, it is time for the ever-ambitious, always-criticized exhibition that attempts to summarize two years of American contemporary art. Only this time, it’s not so contemporary, and