Ray Caesar CV


Born 1958, London England

Current Residence, Toronto Canada




1977 to 1980 The Ontario College of Art

1980 to 1996 The Hospital for Sick Children, Department of Visual

Education, Medical Artist

1998 to 2001 GVFX Toronto, Senior Animator


Caesar is known in the fine art world as the grandfather of digital art Caesars works are partly inspired by the Dutch and Flemish masters Vermeer and Jan van Eyck, as well as 18thcentury painter Gainsborough and French Rococo artists Watteau and Boucher.  He is also heavily inspired by Japanese culture – this stems partly from the influence of his Japanese wife Jane and her family who introduced Caesar to writers Yukio Mishima and Jun’ichiro Tanizaki.  Both writers have a distinctive Japanese aesthetic exploring and questioning Japan’s continual slide toward Western-influenced modernization and associated loss of Japanese tradition.  Some of Tanizaki’s works present shockingly sexual and destructive erotic obsessions; others subtly portray the dynamics of family life.  The femme fatale is a theme repeated in many of Tanizaki’s work. Another theme is the samurai ethic of balancing the cultivation of beauty and discipline by the way of the sword – simultaneously valuing honor, dignity and serenity – life lived as Art. Themes found also in Rays work.

Caesar’s works in turn are creations from his life memories and events.  His visual diaries captivate us and repel us, yet we always ache for more.  And like a diary, once we put pen to paper the words have soothing effect and gives the artists an inner calm that is shared.

Caesar has paved new roads to the acceptance and transparency of works created completely digitally that take countless hours to create.  His work has been exhibited extensively in solo shows internationally in Europe, the States, Canada and Asia as well as appearing in numerous prominent publications that include the Times magazine, Huffington Post, The Globe & Mail, Vogue Italy, Vogue Japan, Hi Fructose, Juxtapoz and others.  Caesar works are collected by numerous venerated institutions including the Bristol Museum as well as prominent collectors such as Riccardo Tisci of Givenchy, the Hearst Family (media mogul and owners of O Oprah Winfrey magazine and ESPN cable channel) and others.





Special Solo Exhibition, London UK



Moniker Art Fair with Roman Fine Art, Brooklyn, NY

Spring Group Show 2018, Roman Fine Art, East Hampton, NY

Kunstai RAI Art Fair with Kochxbos Gallery, Netherlands (Fair)

Moniker Art Fair with Damien Roman Gallery, New York USA (Fair)

James Freeman Gallery (Double Solo Show), UK

Dorothy Circus Gallery (Solo), Rome Italy

Context Art Fair with Corey Helford Gallery, Miami USA (Fair)



February – Solo Exhibition, Gallery House (Solo)

Damien Roman Fine Art Hamptons, USA (Group)

Dorothy Circus Gallery in London, UK (Group)

Beinart Gallery, Australia (Group)

Ralf Kruger Gallery, Germany (Group)



Kochxbos Gallery, Amsterdam Netherlands (Solo)

Summer – Solo Exhibition, Gallery House (Solo)

Aug – Corey Helford Gallery – 10th Year Anniversary (Group)

July – James Freeman Gallery London, UK (Group)

May – Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art (Museum Tour for 2yrs)



January – Art Stage Singapore with Gallery House (fair)

Ongoing permanent exhibition at all AFA Gallery – New York, Las Vegas, New Orleans and France location.

May – Belgium Castle with Kochxbos Gallery (group) with Erwin Olaf or Wim Delvoye, Jaime Hayon,

Philippe-Starck, Jean Paul Gaultier, Yamamoto.

June – Affordable Art Fair in Hampstead, London England with Richard Goodall Gallery (fair)

July – Hamptons Art Market – Damien Roman Fine Art(fair)

November – Pretty Little Dwellers Gallery House Solo Show, Toronto Canada (solo)

December – Pandora’s Box with AFA Gallery New York (group)

December – Kochxbos Gallery, Amsterdam Netherland (group)



Two Header Show Dorthy Circus Gallery with Anita Kunz, Rome Italy (double solo)

CIRCA Gallery, Culver City LA, US (solo)

Affordable Art Fair New York with Richard Goodall Gallery, US (fair)

Kunstai Art Fair with Kochxbos Gallery, Netherland (fair)

Affordable Art Fair at Hampstead, London UK (fair)

Art on the Edge, Vered Gallery Hamptons New York, US (group)

Hamptons Art Market, Vered Gallery Hamptons New York, US (fair)

Texas Art Market, Damien Roman Gallery Hamptons New York, US (fair)

AFA Gallery, New York US & Las Vegas (group)

Miami Art Fair, US (fair)

Evergrande – Gallery House, Toronto Canada (group)

Toronto International Art Fair, Toronto Canada (fair)



Feb – Special Project with Spacejunk in Germany

Feb – RAW Art Fair Rotterdam with KochxBos Gallery (fair)

March – Affordable Art Fair with Richard Goodall Gallery Battersea, London (fair)

March 21- April 7 – The Pop Surrealism Show, Opera Gallery New York (group)

April 4-7 – Affordable Art Fair with Richard Goodall Gallery New York US (fair)

April 5-27 – Above Ground, Hong Kong China (group)

April 13 – Corey Helford Gallery Retrospective Show, Culver City LA US (solo)

June 13-16 – Affordable Art Fair with Richard Goodall Gallery Hampstead, London (fair)

July 13 – August 5 – Vered Gallery, East Hamptons New York US (group)

July – Vered Gallery, Art Market Hamptons New York US (fair)

October 3 – “Truth, Light & Matter”, Annual Exhibition at Gallery House Featuring Joe Fenton, Stephen

Ibbott, Gottfried Helnwein, Anita Kunz & Brian Richer, Toronto Canada (group)

Dec – Corey Helford Gallery, Miami Art Fair US (fair)

– Opera Gallery, Miami Art Fair US (Fair)

Marseille, France – Celebration of European Cultural Capital for 2013 (group)

Bordeaux, France – From Pixel to Numeric Painting (Spacejunk Gallery)(group)

Vichy, France – Celebrating pop surrealism exhibition (Spacejunk Gallery)(group)



Stephen Webster Private Show, LA (solo 2011-2012)

January Group Show Musee de la Halle St Pierre, Paris France (group)

Group Show Musee de la Halle St Pierre, Paris France (group)

March 6-11, 2012 Scope New York, New York USA (fair)

March 10, 2012 Kochxbos Gallery, Amsterdam The Netherlands (group)

March – June 2012 Galerie du Jour, Paris France – TBD other locations traveling exhibit (group)

April 28– June 2012 Solo Show – Richard Goodall Gallery, Manchester England Solo Show (solo)

May, 2012 – Group Show Nyctalopes Exhibition, Paris France (group)

May 26-June 25, 2012 – Vered Gallery Group Exhibit, East Hampton New York USA (group) in Conjunction

with Vered Auction w/Board of Trustee of MOMA

June 9, 2012 – Corey Helford Gallery Group Exhibit- “Motion: The Next Movement in Art”, Culver City LA


June – September 2012 – Group Show – Spacejunk Center, France (group)

September 13-29, 2012 – Group Show – Palazzo Pisana with Dorthy Circus Gallery, Italy (group)

October 24 -28, 2012 Affordable Art Fair Battersea London with Richard Goodall Gallery, Manchester UK


October 26-29, 2012 Toronto International Art Fair, Toronto Canada (fair)

November 1-4, 2012 Affordable Art Fair Hampstead London with Richard Goodall Gallery, Manchester UK


November 29 2012 – Annual Exhibition – Gallery House w/ Gottfried Helnwein & Anita Kunz (group)

December 15, 2012 Kochxbos Gallery, Amsterdam The Netherlands (solo)

December 2012 “Crucifixion” Corey Helford Gallery, Culver City LA (group)

December 4-9, 2012 Scope Miami, Miami Florida USA (fair)



Corey Helford Gallery, “In the Nursery”, LA California (group)

Jonathon Levine Gallery, Solo Show New York, NY (solo)

Frans Vanhove Gallery at Affordable Art Fair Brussels, Belgium

Strychnin Gallery, Red Bull Gallery New York, NY (group)

Dorthy Circus Gallery, Rome Italy (group)

Lyon Bennielle w/Spacejunk TV Lyon, France (fair-solo booth)

Corey Helford Gallery, LA California (solo)

Dorthy Circus Gallery, Rome Italy(group)

Corey Helford Gallery Summer Group Exhibit, LA (group)

Vered Gallery Art on the Edge with MOMA, Guggenheim and the Met Trustees (group)

Vered Gallery Auction with the Hearst Family (group)

Lyon Biennale (Biennale)

Florida Museum (group)

Richard Goodall Gallery – Affordable Art Fair England (fair)

Kochxbos Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam (fair)

Neubacher Schor Contemporary Exhibit, Toronto Canada (group)

Corey Helford Gallery Scope Miami (fair)



Richard Goodall Gallery (group)

The Affordable Art Fair, Brussels w/Richard Goodall Gallery (fair)

NewcastleGateshead Art Fair, Newcastle, England (fair)

Scope Miami w/Corey Helford Gallery (fair)

Phantasmagoria, Meta Gallery Toronto, Canada (group)

Art Blossoms, Witzenhausen Gallery (fair)

Art Amsterdam, Amsterdam RAI Convention Center w/ Witzenhausen Gallery (fair)

At the Edge, Portsmouth Museum of Art, New Hampshire (group)

Art from the New World, Bristol Museum, Bristol England (group)

Scope New York, Witzenhausen Gallery (fair)

Five Year Anniversary, Jonathan LeVine Gallery, NYC (group)

Affordable Art Fair, London England (fair)

Sogni di Cristallo, Mondo Bizzarro Gallery, Rome Italy (solo)

Nov 30-Dec 5, 2010 Corey Helford Gallery Scope Miami (fair)



Galerie Magda Danysz. Paris, France

Richard Goodall Gallery. Manchester UK

Mondo Bizzaro Gallery. Rome, Italy ( solo)



In The Garden of Moonlight. Jonathan LeVine Gallery. New York, NY

In The Land of Retinal Delights: The Juxtapoz Factor. Laguna Art Museum. Laguna, CA

The Tales We Tell Exhibition Lonsdale Gallery. Toronto, Ontario, Canada. (group)



“We’ll Make a Lover of You” At The ArtCenter, South Florida ( group )

Ipso Facto Richard Goodall Gallery Manchester England ( solo )

Rome Is Burning / The New School. Foster Gallery. University of Wisconsin.

Eau Claire, WI



Sweet Victory Jonathan Levine Gallery New York ( solo show )

Katalogue Book Opening at The Gibson Jessop Gallery Toronto ( group )

Nostalgia , Magda Danyz Gallery, Paris (group )

Oxop Juxtapoz show, Minneapolis ( group )

Friendly Fire, Berman Turner Projects, Santa Monica ( group )




Pulp, Lonsdale Gallery in Toronto ( group)

Secret Doors and Hidden Rooms, Jonathan Levine Gallery in New York ( solo )

Upon Further Review, Rogue Buddha Gallery Minneapolis ( group )

Idols of Perversity, Bellwether Gallery New York ( group )

London Art Fair, Richard Goodall Gallery, London England

Katalogue Book Opening at The Trafalgar Hotel London England ( group )

The World of Ray Caesar Kochbos Gallery Amsterdam Holland ( solo )



Now we are Six, Roq La Rue in Seattle ( group )

Age of Aquarius, Copro Nason in Los Angeles ( group )

Ray Caesar and Amy Hill, two person show at Roq La Rue in Seattle

Benefit for the Memphis six, Phoenix Arizona ( group benefit )

Misdirection 2004, Lineage Gallery in Burlington Vermont ( group )

Ghost Town, Tinmanalley in Philadelphia ( group )

Parallel Universe, Art Basel Florida ( group )