Permanent exhibit at the New York Museum of Sex

“Cosplay”  Vered Gallery, East Hampton, NY

“Art on the Edge: The New Contemporary”  Vered Gallery, East Hampton, NY


“Art on the Edge: The New Contemporary”  Vered Gallery, East Hampton, NY

“The Pop Surrealism Show”  Opera Gallery, New York, NY

Main Room, Strager Factory Gallery, Albuquerque, NM


“Fast Forward” International Museum of Art and Science” McAllen, TX

“Needful Things”  Vered Gallery, East Hampton, NY

“Hello, Pretty Pretty” Corey Helford Gallery, Culver City, CA


Corey Helford Gallery : Scope Miami 2011, Miami, Fl

“Sas + Colin”, Opera Gallery, New York, NY

“Bewitching” Stranger Factory Gallery, Albuquerque, NM


“Art on th Edge” Vered Gallery, East Hampton, NY
“INNER SPACE” Opera Gallery, London, UK
“Hi- Fructose 5th Anniversary Group Exhibition” Copro Gallery, Santa Monica, CA USA

“Three Apples” Sanrio Hello Kitty Anniversary show. Tea Room, Los Angeles CA
“Be Fetish” Opera Gallery, Hong Kong

“Furore” Dorothy Circus Gallery, Rome, Italy
“Solaris” Opera Gallery, New York, New York, USA
“Gen Art Vanguard Exhibition” Miami, Florida USA
“Trangression” Last Rites Gallery, New York
“Clowns” Corey Helford Gallery, Los Angeles CA

“Gen Art Vanguard Exhibition” Art Basel, Miami, Florida USA

“We’ll Make A Lover Of You”, ArtCenter, Miami Florida USA.

“Idols Of Perversity”, Bellwether Gallery, New York, USA
“Looking In” The Shooting Gallery, San Francisco, CA, USA
“Group Show “, Fuse Gallery, New York, USA
“Monsters of Lowbrow”, Greco Building, Miami, USA
“Parallel Universe” Art Basel Miami, USA
“Culture Shock”. Buena Vista Building, Miami, Florida USA

“Parallel Universe”, SRX Studios, Art Basel Miami, USA.
“Juxtapoz Group Art Show”, Fuse Gallery, ew York, USA
“Group Show”, Hawthorn Gallery, Woodstock, New York, USA

“Debut Show”, L’Art Noir, New Orleans, USA

“Stickin’ it to the Man”, Objex Art Space, Miami, USA
“Five Sexy Lovers and Roy”, Gallery Yes, Fort Lauderdale, USA

“Creep Show”, La Lush Gallery, Miami, USA
“Fusion”, Museum of History, Fort Lauderdale, USA
“Super Summer Valu-Show”, Gallery Yes, Fort Lauderdale, USA

“Underground Show”, L’Art Noir, Fort Lauderdale, USA
“When Art and Religion Collide”, L’Art Noir, Fort Lauderdale, USA