A Rundown of Miami's Art Fairs, As Explained Through High School Stereotypes

By our count, 1,087 galleries will be trekking down to Miami this week to participate in more than 20 art fairs around the city. With that much art for sale, there’s bound to be something for everyone — if you can find it. To help, we’ve put together a handy primer to Miami’s many satellite fairs. But this one comes with a twist.   

If the art world, with its constant rumor-mongering and public spats, is a lot like high school, then December in Miami is the high school reunion. At the risk of oversimplifying things, we’ve paired each fair with a high school archetype that best encapsulates its attitude. We’ll be the first to admit these analogies are reductive and inelegant: As anyone who has seen “The Breakfast Club” can tell you, stereotypes are limiting and we’re all a little bit of a brain, athlete, basket case, princess, and criminal. But like high school, Miami is cutthroat and time is short, so we’ve glossed them for you as best we can. Happy fairgoing.

Art Basel Miami Beach: The Golden Boy

The football player with whom most want to be in good graces, Art Basel Miami Beach is the biggest, most well-known fair of them all. As in high school, there is no shortage of people who think the popular kid is overrated and maintain they have no interest in gaining his approval. That may be true. But its status as prom king is hard to dispute.

Design Miami/: The Cheerleader

The sister fair of ABMB devoted exclusively to design, Design Miami/ is attractive and entered the game with the good looks and connections to succeed without much trouble. This year, the fair is showing off its fun-loving side with a special presentation of architecture for dogs.

Meridian Avenue and 19th Street, Miami Beach, December 5-9.

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