A Vision That's Not Quite a Snap

It is best not to look too closely at Edvard Munch’s screamer at the exhibition “The Art of the Brick,” which opened this week at Discovery Times Square. Because then you would see that the head is pieced together out of beige and white Lego blocks, their studs protruding. Leonardo’s “Mona Lisa,” on display nearby, has a smoother surface, composed of 4,573 “bricks” (as they are called by aficionados), but you’d never mistake it for the original — the overall effect is more allusion than illusion.

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Ron Agam Breaks Out at Vered Gallery

It’s not often an artist creates work so new it nearly defies explanation and challenges the viewer’s instinct to name, categorize and reference. While Ron Agam is not without his artistic forebears, his paintings are very uniquely his own.

In Breakout, his latest exhibition at Vered Gallery in East Hampton, Agam presents a series of kinetic works that capture space and time, and actual movement, in a way few have created outside of film and video. Each piece uses innovative digital lenticular technology to bringAgam’s abstract and colorful vision to life, literally.

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Artist Jessica Lichtenstein Offers "PEEP SHOW" In The Hamptons

Jessica Lichtenstein, a lawyer-turned-artist, seeks to start discussion with her work. 

Her new show, PEEP SHOW, opened on Saturday, May 25 and will continue to Monday, June 17 at the Vered Gallery in East Hampton. The show uses Japanese anime figures and what Lichtenstein calls “word sculptures” to examine female sexuality and pornography.

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