My work comes from a lifetime of living near large bodies of water, namely the Atlantic ocean and Gardiners Bay. I grew up on the beach building sandcastles and surfing and beach combing, as well visiting my grandparents in Connecticut by taking the ferry from orient point. From this upbringing, I became interested in how the ocean has shaped human history in many ways, and I try to explore that in my art – which I dub a “maritime cosmology”, pertaining to nautical tradition and heritage through the lens of culture, spirituality and commerce. I am interested in mans relationship with the natural world, and modern societal isolation from the elemental. I work in many mediums, including drawing, painting, collage, found object assemblage and print process, always taking material into account as a starting point, and constantly experimenting. I find there are so many facets to interpreting such a large and diverse subject like the sea, and there are many stories to tell.