Swab Barcelona

Swab 2015 grows with more galleries and programs

TheInternational Contemporary Art Fair attracts 65 galleries from 22 countriesII The Amsterdam’s De Appel Arts Centre collaborates with the debates forumII Juan Canela presents a series dedicated to the performance. II David Armengol acts as curator in a new space dedicated to independent projects. II Two shuttle bus connects the centre of the city with the Italian Pavilion.

Barcelona, from the 1st to the 4th of October

Swab 2015 reinvents itself, one more edition. The excellent response from the public, as well as the interest for new ways to approach the art made in our days, has encouraged the director, Joaquín Díez-Cascón, and his team to present new programs. The novelties are multiple in this fair, which started back in 2006. From the 1st and until the 4thof October, a total addition of 65 galleries (there were 52 on 2013, and 59 on 2014) coming from 22 countries from all around the world, will exhibit the pieces created by over one hundred new artists. In this occasion inedited programmes are presented: Swab Seed, curated by David Armengol, gives voice to a series of independent proposals that founded their way outside the margins of institutions in cities such as Barcelona, Madrid and Berlin. Juan Canela presents in Swab Performance a group of actions and specific interventions designed for the fair. On the other hand, Swab Fórum counts with the expertise from the De Appel Arts Center (Amsterdam). To facilitate the visitor’s transit, a shuttle bus connects the centre of the city with the fair.

Swab Thinks: The space remains for questioning about emerging art with the participation of galleries, artist and renowned curators. This space will host during the 2nd , 3 rdand 4thof October, a series of conferences, debates and round table meetings. There will be dialogues between artists, curators, collectors and critics about the transformation of the contemporary world and the place that the artistic practices have in it. Swab Thinks will be developed in the same fairground building.

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