Grant Haffner's Triumphant Return with Mohawk Trail

Baptist Corner Rd.

Roman Fine Art is pleased to announce Mohawk Trail , an exhibition of new
paintings from Grant Haffner. This new body of work utilizes roadways of the Mohawk Trail Region of MA and the
Hamptons to explore memory, transition, movement and the biological relationship between man and nature . The exhibit
will be open May 26 through June 25 , 2017 with a reception for the artist Saturday, May 27, 7-9pm . Light refreshments
will be served.

Haffner’s colorful, linear, dreamlike landscapes aim to elevate the oft overlooked experience of road-travel, allowing the
audience to observe the subtleties of light, movement and emotion of rural scenery. Finding inspiration in his
surroundings during the quiet hours of sunrise and sunset, he captures the essence of tranquility.

“Through color I want to remind my viewer that no two sunrises are the same, and to emphasize the biological bodily
response to changes in light. I aim to make the viewer feel like they are alone on this journey, to respond to the colors
represented in the work, and to experience an emotive reaction”.

Mohawk Trail           Louse Point, New Day

For over a decade Haffner has captivated art enthusiasts and collectors with his paintings of Hamptons’ roadways. His
renditions of familiar roads and local landmarks, often set ablaze in dayglow, sunset colors, have made him one of the
most sought after artists on the East End. Those that are familiar with the highways and byways of the Hamptons, can
easily recognize their favorite routes and lots depicted in Haffner’s work.

In Mohawk Trail , Haffner’s first solo exhibit in eleven years, the artist begins to explore an entirely new landscape. The
low-lying bays and farmlands of the South Fork are traded for the mountain ridges and deep gorges of Western
Massachusetts. Mohawk Trail is located close to the artists new home in Massachusetts, and was originally a Native
American trade route connecting Atlantic tribes to those upstate. Flanked by the Berkshires, the trail is considered one of
America’s most beautiful drives. Haffner’s depictions of the roadway at sunrise pay homage to the area’s heritage, and
instill the sense of serenity and a connection to nature. Capturing the roads, trails and colors of hills and mountains have
infused Haffner’s newest works with something fresh. We see this new landscape through familiar eyes with a fresh

About the Artist:
Born 1978 in Berkeley, California, Grant Haffner was raised in East Hampton, NY. He currently lives and works in
Western MA. Haffner was a resident of Long Island’s East End for most of his life. His images are still inspired by and
reflect the country roads, flat landscapes and surrounding water that he would absorb while traveling the area in his
pickup truck. His signature motif of utility poles and the open road create an original sense of movement and depth to his
distinctive compositions. Haffner’s work is represented in private collections around the US, Europe and Asia. Actress
Rose McGowan and Internationally renowned collector Yusaku Maezawa are among his notable patrons. His work has
been exhibited in numerous galleries, museums and art fairs including Visions West Gallery, Denver, CO; Vered Gallery,
East Hampton, NY; One Art Space, NY, NY; Dorsch Gallery, Miami, FL; Sebastian Foster Gallery, Austin, TX; Islip Art
Museum, East Islip, NY; Scope Basel, Basel Switzerland; Scope New York, NY, NY; Texas Contemporary, Houston, TX.
Damien Roman has represented the artist since 2009.

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