Roman Fine Art is pleased to present American Dream, an exhibition by award-winning filmmaker and photographer, Alejandro Áboli.  Áboli’s first solo show at Roman Fine Art includes a collection of images from his extensive photographic series, The RedLineAmerican Dream showcases photos of iconic American imagery captured in an unexpected and often playful and colorful way. The exhibit opens Friday, April 23rd and will continue through Sunday, May 23rd.  We will be hosting a wine reception for the artist Saturday, April 24th, 5-7pm.

Prior to creating The RedLine series, Áboli worked as a filmmaker, producer, and photographer for over a decade.  The RedLine series, which represents Áboli’s significant transition from a photographer to a visual artist, was born in 2015 from the artist’s desire to show his unique way of looking at the world.  Áboli continued focusing on The RedLine series while exploring the cities in which he has lived – Madrid, London, and New York – to create unified and related bodies of work.  Áboli finds extensive inspiration in his dreams as well.  Influenced by the paintings of Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dalí, his goal is to incorporate surrealism and abstract expressionism into his photos – weaving together reality and fiction.

Áboli’s body of work in anchored on a palette of bright blue and soft pink inspired by the two places that defined him as an artist: Madrid, with its blue clear skies, and Ibiza, with its unique sunsets full of different shades of pink.  Áboli’s photos remain perched between truth and the imagination, depicting his personal stories. The Photos in American Dream capture the viewer’s eye using a contemporary theme while creating a comfortable ambiguity between reality and fantasy, spiced with a touch of humor.

The RedLine does not represent life as you know it, but life as you dream it.”


Roman Fine Art is pleased to announce Halcyon Days, our upcoming solo exhibition of new works by polaroid Photographer Alex Moore.  Moore’s first solo exhibition at Roman Fine Art will feature new figurative and landscape works from his most recent travels.  Halcyon Days will include many of Moore’s original polaroid photographs as well as much larger Dye sublimination prints on aluminum and chromogenic prints based on the scanned originals.

Alex Moore first became enamored with polaroid photography while studying abroad in Paris in the spring of 2016.  Moore’s initial focus, while attending the Stamps School of Art and Design at the University of Michigan, was in illustration and painting, but a fateful encounter with a polaroid camera completely changed the direction of his creative output.  Halcyon Days is a collection of photography based entirely on Moore’s polaroid work.  The exhibit is comprised of images taken during Moore’s many travels.  While Moore has taken polaroid photos throughout North America, Asia and Europe, most of the work in his newest exhibit focus on Mexico, New Mexico, Southern France, New York City and the Hamptons.

Moore’s use of the polaroid as his medium of choice heightens the travelogue quality of his images.  In Halcyon Days, photos of landmarks and landscapes are paired with portraits of friends, models and strangers that Moore encounters during his explorations.  While the polaroid format may imply spontaneity, in reality, Moore must lean heavily on his formal Fine Arts training to ensure a successful photo.  Because Moore only utilizes natural lighting, each shot requires a degree of planning.   Locations are scouted and compositions and palette are considered before each shoot.

When most people think of polaroid photography, they think of the impulsive nature of the point and shoot snaps many of us associate with our favorite childhood memories.  Most of us remember having a friend or relative breaking out a polaroid to capture both important milestones as well as casual, intimate moments, such as a barbeque or road trip.  The polaroid, with its iconic white border, has always had connotations of capturing memories in the moment, more so than any other form of photography.  Moore utilizes this to his advantage inherently infusing his imagery with the same sense of nostalgia and whimsy.

“I wanted to play with this notion. Why is the polaroid seen as an amateur form of photography?
What about them is so casual? Is it the small size perhaps? Its spontaneous nature? By reworking
the medium: scanning in the original polaroid, printing it at a large scale on either canvas or alu-
minum, I wanted to highlight the importance of size, process, and presentation. I wanted to keep
the same iconic border format to tie the final product back to its roots as a casual 4-inch polaroid
that could fit in your pocket.”


Roman Fine Art presents ​F#CKBOYS​, a new series of erotically investigative paintings and found objects by Brooklyn-based artist Alexandria Lira.

Using a framework based on traditional portraiture, Lira meets her subjects through Tinder – a platform where speed, vulnerability and sexual stakes are pushed to their extremes – in order to portray a raw and intimate expression of men in their private dwelling spaces. Lira approaches her conquests-cum-subjects much as an anthropologist observes an undiscovered tribe: with care and respect, and added bravery in the face of unchartered first contact. Though her subjects know from the first message that they will be photographed, there still exists an inherently sexy danger posed by venturing into unknown territory, especially for a solo female artist cruising a hookup app in the name of art.

Lira’s portraits reveal young, modern intimacy at its most extreme through a lense of speed and disposability, traits ubiquitous in internet dating culture. Her willing subjects recline in full or partial nudity, unstaged and unguarded in their particular domestic scenes. Having met on Tinder, maintaining the sexual current of the arrangement is critical to the outcome of the portrait – though Lira never actually sleeps with any of her subjects. Her oeuvre is of the voyeur and without agenda, paying special attention to the books and  knick-knacks that make each subject unique as she seeks accuracy in imperfection.

Once the subject has been photographed using the artist’s iPhone and only the available lighting at each location, Lira returns to her studio and selects the most intimate and raw photo from the session, printing it in large-scale directly onto canvas. From there, she embellishes each work with oil paints, starting with the body form and working out from there if inspired to do so. Color palettes for each work are chosen according to the emotional temperature of her subjects during their interaction with close consideration of body language and any other notable personality observations made during the initial session. Blues and purples perhaps connote a cool composure, while oranges and yellows invoke a more hostile, guarded experience. Shades of pinks seem to invite a playful curiosity into the room. Regardless of color, the unmistakable current of connection through sexual vulnerability informs every aspect of Lira’s paintings.

The paintings will be paired with a carefully selected object taken from the scene of the portrait. These artifacts are small, even insignificant; each one of the items is intended to accompany and add to the violation and performative nature of Lira’s sessions. Shaking off the anthropological practice of touching nothing and taking nothing, the artist dives into the irreverence of her investigations even further by memorializing her rendez-vous with these trophies.

Got some Jack Kerouak? (Matt)​ presents a pink and blue-shaded figure in nude repose amidst a crowded corner of the subject’s space. Shelves of uncategorized books frame the figure, illustrating a well-read intellectual who was probably just looking for a good time. On the otherwise neat shelves, electronics and knick-knacks sparsely clutter any open spaces. Well-groomed plants peek through a curtained window and another rests on a shorter-stacked bookshelf.

Though the mood of the subject and his environment is captured in her painting and the thrill of the encounter immortalized in its accompanying found object, Lira wants viewers to draw their own conclusions about her subjects from the work. Somewhere amidst the nudity, performance of the sitter and the artifacts in their space lies the truth between ego and true self. Staunchly conscious of keeping a feminist agenda from informing her work in this series, Lira values above all else the act of taking risks to portray intimacy through an unconventional lens.

A Southampton native, Alexandria Lira studied Fine Art at the Pratt Institute. She lives and works in Brooklyn.

Philadelphia Fine Art Fair

The inaugural Philadelphia Fine Art Fair (PFAF) is a tightly curatedboutique and impeccably designed fair providing attendees a casual and manageable viewing experience. Prices for artworks will range from $3,000 to $1 million+. There are “must have” treasures for every budget. The fair’s highly – regarded galleries hail from 4 countries, 8 states, as well as a strong local representation.

Scope New York 2019

Join us for Scope New York’s 19th edition!

Roman Fine Art returns to SCOPE New York in Chelsea at Metropolitan Pavilion. Known for presenting groundbreaking contemporary work, SCOPE New York will welcome 60 international exhibitors at its centrally-located venue. In addition, SCOPE will continue its legacy of critically-acclaimed VIP Programming with strategic partnerships, a focused schedule of events, and talks.

The first fair to run concurrent with The Armory Show, SCOPE New York’s spirit of innovation has consistently forged the way for emerging artists and galleries. Attuned to nuances in the market and itself an influential force in the cultural sphere, SCOPE continues to usher in a new vision of the contemporary art fair.

Featured Artists for Scope New York:
Ivan Alifan, Ray Caesar, Tim Conlon, Lizzie Gill, The Kaplan Twins, Alexandria Lira, Alex Moore, Taylor Pilote, Leah Schrager, Dean West & Stephen Wilson.

SCOPE New York 2019 opens on Thursday, March 7, 2019, with the Platinum First View and VIP & Press Preview, and will run through Sunday, March 10, 2019.  Metropolitan Pavilion is located at 125 West 18th St.  Visit Roman Fine Art in booth 039.


Leah Schrager: An American Dream

Leah Schrager: Manifestations

Roman Fine Art is pleased to announce Manifestations, our upcoming solo exhibition of new works by artist Leah Schrager.  Schrager’s first solo exhibition at Roman Fine Art will feature new photographic works from her Reality Instagram Project.  The exhibit will open Friday, February 22nd and continue through Sunday, March 17th.
Manifestations is Leah Schrager’s first solo show since embarking on her Reality Instagram Project. Schrager explores the synthesis of digital and classical – traditionalism as rendered through cutting edge tech and contemporary IG culture. This project was instigated In October when Schrager received an offer for one million dollars from a mysterious producer (whom she calls Man Hands) to explore a “female-friendly” aesthetic and expanded art production methods. The story will be shared over the next year on her IG (

Schrager’s artistic practice currently focuses on an examination of the gaze, performance within the context of the internet and social media. She encourages her online viewers to participate, becoming part of the art whether aware or naive to the practice. Her recent show, Female Friendly, the first in her Reality Instagram Project, completely sold out at Scope Art Fair in Miami this December.  The piece receiving the most buzz, Face Girl vs. Ass Girl, is comprised of two of the artist’s Instagram posts, with comments blown up to large scale and inkjet printed on vinyl. The piece revealed the artist’s social experiments with her Instagram following. One of the images was posted on what she refers to as her “face page”, featuring her artwork and modeling photos– the other posted on her “ass page” featuring more provocative images. The former has a following of 32K followers, the latter has 2.7M, and the length of commentary displayed on the rolls of vinyl reflects differences in tone and engagement.
About Leah Schrager:
Schrager creates paintings, digital art, and online performance. She is the model, photographer, artist, and marketer of her images. Her visual works mix a painterly aesthetic with bodily forms and often draw their material from her online conceptual practice. Her works with @OnaArtist (Instagram 2.7m) and Sarah White (The Naked Therapist) explore themes of sexuality, representation, and distribution. Her practice is situated in a contemporary hotbed of female (in)appropriateness, arousal, celebrity, fandom, and commercialism.  Schrager seeks to explore female biography and labor in today’s global society.
Schrager has been compared by journalists to such seminal figures as Diane Fossey, Marina Abramovic, Marcel Duchamp, Laurel Nakadate, and Sigmund Freud. She and/or her work have been profiled in 1000′s of media outlets, including Art Forum, Monopol, The Huffington Post, Vice, Viceland, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, CBS News, ABC News, The NY Daily News, and Playboy. She has exhibited at Castor Gallery, Untitled Space, Roman Fine Art, Johannes Vogt Gallery, ArtHelix Gallery, and the Museum of Visual Art in Leipzig.

Scope Miami Beach 2018

Roman Fine Art is pleased to announce our participation in the 18th edition of SCOPE Miami Beach.  SCOPE Miami Beach returns to Ocean Drive and 8th Street in its bespoke pavilion on the sand. Honored by the City of Miami Beach Mayor’s Office and Commission for its extraordinary cultural impact, SCOPE Miami Beach features 140 International Exhibitors from 25 countries and 60 cities, and welcomes 60,000 visitors over the course of 6 days. Amidst an unprecedented outpouring of critical acclaim from press, curators and collectors, and a digital and social media outreach campaign garnering over 450 million impressions, SCOPE Miami Beach is once again poised to lead the charge for the emerging contemporary art market.

Participating Artists in Roman Fine Art’s booth, number D13, are Ivan Alifan, Ray Caesar, Tim Conlon, Michele Dragonetti, Michael Dweck, Lizzie Gill, Grant Haffner, The Kaplan Twins, Ciara Rafferty, Leah Schrager, SWOON, Dean West & Stephen Wilson.

Get with the Program 2018

Roman Fine Art is pleased to present Get with the Program 2018, the third edition of our annual holiday group exhibition. This exhibit will feature painting, photography and mixed media works by eleven contemporary artists working in a variety of media and genres.

This diverse exhibition includes many subgenres within Contemporary art including street art, figurative, conceptual, sociopolitical and landscape. The eclectic nature of this group show is intended to reflect the diverse program regularly offered at Roman Fine Art. In addition to offering works by Christina Creutz, Tim Conlon, Michael Dweck, Grant Haffner, Lizzie Gill, Ciara Rafferty, SWOON and Dean West, this year’s edition of Get with the Program introduces our clientele to three new talents; Emma Balou, Kelly Franké and Stephen Wilson.

As always, Roman Fine Art is committed to bringing exciting, provocative and relevant new artistic voices to our clientele. Our mission is to create an environment in the Hamptons dedicated to supporting the very best in New Contemporary Art. Among the talented and internationally renowned artists to have exhibited in Roman Fine Art’s exhibitions are Ivan Alifan, Colin Christian, Ron English, EVOL, Shepard Fairey, Mark Jenkins, Steven Klein, Anthony Lister, RETNA, Leah Schrager and Nicola Verlato.

Artists exhibited at Roman Fine Art range from future stars to established forces within the global art community. Many have had their work exhibited in important museums and galleries including the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery, the Museum of Modern Art, NY, the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Brooklyn Museum, Deitch Projects and the Corcoran Gallery of Art just to name a few. Profiles of these artists and their work have appeared in the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, TIME, Forbes, Artnews, Juxtapoz, the New York Daily News, The Observer, High Fructose and many more relevant publications.



 Emma Balou, Christina Creutz, Tim Conlon, Michael Dweck, Kelly Franké, Grant Haffner, Lizzie Gill, Ciara Rafferty, SWOON, Dean West & Stephen Wilson.


Stephen Wilson: Luxury Graffiti

EXHIBITION: Stephen Wilson: Luxury Graffiti
October 5 – November 4, 2018
OPENING RECEPTION: Saturday, October 6, 6-8 pm.
LOCATION: 66 Park Place, East Hampton, NY 11937

(East Hampton, NY, September 6, 2018) – Roman Fine Art is pleased to announce Luxury Graffiti, our upcoming solo exhibition of new works by artist Stephen Wilson.  Wilson’s first exhibition at Roman Fine Art will feature works from his ongoing Luxury series as well as selections from his newest Model Tapestries and Brick Wall series.  The exhibit will open Friday, October 5th and continue through Sunday, November 4th. There will be a wine reception for the artist Saturday, October 6th, 6-8pm.

Stephen Wilson is a mixed-media artist best known for his artistic exploration of the intersections between traditional craft and contemporary culture through blended use of handicraft techniques with modern technologies and pop iconography.  High fashion influences are quite prevalent in his work.  His redefinition of textile and embroidery-based art forms evokes questions regarding luxury consumerism and high-low art distinctions.

Citing street art and fashion as two of his biggest influences, the latest work by Wilson fuses these inspirations into wholly unique mixed media series loosely titled, Luxury.  Wilson’s acclaimed Luxury boxes take discarded designer packaging and renews their spirit through luxurious fabric applications and intricate embroidery work. Stemming from a background in embroidery design and technology, Wilson creates and digitizes designs that are then machine-embroidered and finished with mixed-media hand processes including found-object assemblage and painting.

In Luxury Graffiti, Wilson pushes new boundaries as he explores fresh themes inspired by his previous works in the Luxury series.  Recently, Wilson has begun creating supersized luxury boxes.  These larger than life objects are then adorned with his signature embroidery, paint and mixed-media applications to create a grand scale previously unattainable for the artist.  The Brick Wall series features boxes that have been deconstructed, laser-cut into pieces and reassembled into uniform brick-like abstractions, echoing the street art and graffiti appeal.  The exhibit also features tapestry-style pieces featuring photographic images of fashion models which have been transformed with layers of thread.  All the work is brought together by embroidered iconography, mimicking graffiti tags.  A rainbow of graphic appliqué stretches across Wilson’s dimensional pieces, ranging from classic stars and skulls to ski masks and brass knuckles.

About Stephen Wilson:
Wilson is represented by major galleries across the US, including Art Angels, Roman Fine Art, DTR Modern Galleries (NY, Boston, DC, Palm Beach) and New Gallery of Modern Art.  Wilson’s work has been exhibited in The Mint Museum in Charlotte, NC, The Cornell Museum, Delray Beach, FL and the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY.  His upcoming mid-career retrospective will be opening at the Coral Springs Museum of Art, in Coral Springs, FL in 2019.  Wilson’s work is featured in numerous international collections including Japan, Bulgaria, Italy, and Mexico, in addition to private and public collections throughout the United States.  Scala Arts and Heritage Publishers’ recent book on the Artist, Stephen Wilson: Luscious Threads, was released in Fall 2018.